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ServTouch has been helping legal firms across the region with their solution needs. With years of experience, we are arguably one of the leading providers of legal solutions across Asia.

ServTouch would like to be your go-to partner in enabling your firm.

For the legal profession, costs are a fact of life. Electronically capturing these disbursements and allocating them correctly to the client is both important and profitable.

ServTouch represents leading cost recovery solutions that help you track and recover costs from a multitude of disbursements including print, photocopy, fax, calls and sundries. With the increase in efficiency in recovering costs, this solution literally pays itself.


Costs may be a legal profession’s fact of life but documents and emails are very likely its lifeblood.

With the proliferation of email in today’s world, the need to manage documents and emails in an organized and secure manner becomes crucial. ServTouch has years of experience in helping law firms transition from a paper based environment into a paper-less environment centred around powerful but easy to use document management systems.

iManage Work

  • Email Management Capability
  • Mobile Access Capability

Collaboration can be a pain, especially when having to work with external parties. Contracts are returned to you without changes highlighted or in a way that your track changes cannot track. This leaves you facing hours of trying to eyeball the changes made, knowing full well that even a missed “,” could have dire impact. ServTouch can help you here with solutions that can quickly, and accurately, identify the changes and manage the changes made, thereby saving you time and stress!

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