Production Printing

Production Printing

STWW offer, graphic production product portfolio, plate and plate devices include software components designed to integrate all print processes.

Kodak offers a comprehensive range of high sensitivity thermal plate including process-less and low chemistry plate, to meet you specific business needs.

i) Commerical & Publication Plates.

  • Cap GT Plate
  • Electra XD Plate
  • Sword Ultra Plate
  • AEM Plate (low chemistry usage)

ii) Process Free Plate, plates that completely elimate processing chemistry and equipment.

  • Sonora XP Process Free Plate


  • processing of thermal offset plates
  • available in few formats of plate up to 135cm wide
  • full feature processing in a compact design


KODAK Plate Chemistry is optimized to process our portfolio of digital plates.

KODAK Plate Chemistry features exceptional consistency, productivity, and unsurpassed quality.